Friday, 7 April 2017

Fill Up The Basket!

Some of us had a logic problem to solve this morning. 
Using only 3 colours, we had to work out how many combinations of eggs could fill the bunny's baskets.
We marked each other's work, looking for Think Pinks!

A Reminder About Split Digraphs

That's Not Fair!

In Science this week, we continued to explore investigations and what makes a test fair.
Mrs Tatman decided that she would explore which material was the most waterproof. 
What was wrong with her investigation?
Another idea was to investigate whether children with longer legs can walk more quickly.
Something wasn't quite right here though either! Can you remember what?

Thursday, 6 April 2017

I Want To Improve!

Time to prove that we can write beautifully when we want to! We wrote a poem that Mrs Tatman demonstrated on the whiteboard, copying each join carefully and thinking about the size and shape of the letters!
We were so proud, that we asked Mrs Peterson to come and have a look.
      It was a lovely opportunity to talk about how impressed we were with each other too!
This writing will now stay in our drawers to remind us how fabulous our writing can be when we try!

Nice and Neat!

We spent some time this morning looking at our Literacy books to find examples of handwriting that we are proud of.
Handwriting, and presentation is a HUGE for us in Year 2, and Mrs Tatman came up with a way of making sure that we know how brilliant our writing can be!
See I Want To Improve!