Monday, 23 April 2018

Fab home learning

We enjoyed Lexi's story that she had written at home. Great effort!

Sparkly Constellations

Sorry if anybody came home a bit painty!

Playing with Place Value

Fun exploring the different ways we can make a number this afternoon.


For the next few weeks, we are looking at what makes a good letter. First of all this morning, we looked at why we might write a letter. 

Then we looked at a rubbish letter Mrs Turner had written to the Explorer Dome. It really wasn't very good at all! We then looked at a WAGOLL letter and made a list of things that could help Mrs Turner to improve.

Later we looked at what we knew about Bob, the Man in the Moon. We will be using our letter writing knowledge to write to him later in the week. 

Summer in Space?

We are responding to this article in First News for our Early Work this week. This morning we read it and chatted about it.

Friday, 20 April 2018

Working Towards WAGOLL

Lily was awarded WAGOLL for her interesting writing...

...but we decided that there were still improvements that could be made!
Then it was chance for us all to look at other examples of work Mrs Tatman had been impressed with.
We decided which was our favourite and some of us practised our joined handwriting by copying the text.
Mrs Tatman's group explored a missing word challenge...
 ... and then practised handwriting too!
Lots of presentation points given out today!

More Silent Letters in phonics today ~ Shhhhhhhhhhh!