Friday, 22 September 2017

Our New MP!

The Ballot has been counted (and re-counted) and Ash Class constituency has its new representative.
Drum roll please...... 

Well done to Holly 

You will be representing us this year as a member of school parliament.

Our Class Election

Our class voted for the MP to represent our constituency (class) today. They had to attend the polling station at put their vote in on a proper ballot slip! We had four candidates to chose from; Lennon, Lucas, Maya and Holly. They made speeches to prove they were worth voting for.

The person chosen will be on the school parliament helping our Prime Minister, Oliver Colbourne.

Phonics Fun

We enjoyed some phase two revision today, having re-capped our sounds at the beginning of the week.

Place Value Done Differently

Crocodile Now Task

Fab Phonics

Mrs Tatman was testing her group with some phoneme sorting this morning.

Setting The Scene

We started our Literacy lesson by having a little sleep... only joking! What were we doing here?
There were so many great adjectives suggested to describe what we heard.
Then we moved onto thinking about how to describe jungle photographs using amazing adjectives.
We matched nouns, linked to a jungle scene, to adjectives and then used these to write descriptive sentences.