Tuesday, 20 March 2018

60 Second Reads

A speedy reading challenge this afternoon. (Although it took a bit longer than sixty seconds!)

Multiplication Madness

We are really trying to get the hang of those tricky times tables! Keep practising them at home.

Interesting Inventions

A mini writing morning this morning describing our amazing transport inventions that we designed last week.

Friday, 16 March 2018

Do Your Work!

We explored imperative verbs today.  What are they?
We thought about how to use these bossy words to explain to someone how to make a paper aeroplane (seeing as though we are experts now!).
Some of us enjoyed games with Mrs Sellers using lots of instruction words.

What a Treat!

At last Walnut could celebrate filling their gem jar.... in the sunshine!

Perfect Pictograms

This week in Math's rotation we have focused on Statistics by looking at pictograms.

'Ed' Now Task

Adding 'ed'

We have been exploring suffixes for the second week in a row. We started the week thinking about the past tense and how to change a verb into past tense using 'ed'.