Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Whole Class Reading

Today in whole class reading, we worked in our reading pairs to look at a non-fiction page about Europe.
The problem was, some of the words had been wiped out! We had to be reading detectives and try and fill in the missing blanks.

  • Some of us had some top tips, such as, read past the missing words aloud and you might hear it.
  • Look at the pictures, they might give you clues.
  • Test the word out once you have put it in by reading it out aloud. You will hear if it doesn't make sense.


Similar Similes!

Today in Ash, we had a look at what a simile is. We did some great matching up of things that are similar and some of us wrote some amazing similes.


Two Snacks Max

We discussed this as our class assembly today, along with some sneaky reading!

More Subtraction

We tried all sorts of activities to practise our subtraction today.

Sorting Science

In Science we are looking at the materials things are made from and what makes those materials suitable. We sorted pictures according to what they are made from.

Friday, 12 January 2018

Our Daily Routines

Today, in Ash class, we were thinking about what our daily routine entails. We then started our R.E for this term, Islam, and learnt about the five pillars of Islam. 

We did lots of discussion about how the second pillar, Salat, (to pray five times a day) would disrupt our daily routine, and what an impressive commitment that is.

Amazing Adverbs